Friday, November 6, 2009

Fun week!!

See I told you I would be back!!! This week has been the week from HELL!! The week started out with Alex coming home sick from church on Sunday...he stayed sick until Wednesday morning with a fever and congestion. Then he passed it on to Mommy! Oh JOY! Not really!!! And of course my hubby was out of town like the last time I got really sick. Wednesday I spent the day on the couch barely able to keep my eyes open. Thank u God for Disney Channel and Nick Jr because Alex pretty much spent the day watching his show or coloring until his bubba and kiki (Austan and Heather) got home. I am still dealing with some of the stuff...The dr said today (that story in a second) that Alex and I probably had the flu so JOY for me!!

The story..The week ended today with getting a call from the middle school Austan goes to saying he had something happen in gym and he hit his head on the wood floor kinda hard...Went to the Dr office first then got sent to the a cat scan and came back clear (Praise God) so we came home...Doing better tonight but keep him in ur prayers.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas in a few weeks...spending both in Austin with my sister and brother in law. Cant wait!! So how has your week been???

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