Friday, October 30, 2009

Let's Try Again!!!

Well I keep saying I am going to get back into blogging but just do not seem to find time. I can find time to do anything else but when it comes to sitting down to blog, NOTHING happens!! So even though today is the worst possible day for me to start back, I am going to bite the bullet and JUST DO IT!!

The past few months have been a crazy whirlwind of activity. Since I blogged last I went home to Arkansas for my 20yr high school reunion and visit with family and friends. I had an AWESOME time!! I got to see SOOO many of my friends that I did not realize I really missed until seeing them again after YEARS!! I even got surprised by a friend I have not seen since before he went to Iraq when my friend Leann picked Scott and I up at our hotel! My mom was awesome and kept the kiddos some and so did my sister Christy. We had her son (my newphew Braeden) for a couple of weeks before that so the kids had a great time. I ended up having some time to myself after we got back because Scott took all the kids to see his mom and their other grandmother in Oklahoma for 4days. Nice to enjoy the peace and quiet!

School started back so the usual prep for that was crazy but now we have Heather(14) in high school (9th grade), Austan (11) is now in middle school (6th grade) and Alex just turned 4 on October 20th....We happened to get lucky and Alex is also in preschool now 3 days a week for 3 hrs a day in the morning through the same high school that Heather attends and he LOVES school. I will maybe post pics soon of all 3 of them!! I have tons on Facebook so if you are a fellow Facebooker, check them out. About to add TONS more from the summer and fall!!

I changed areas at church in regards to my volunteering. I still love my church and am so thankful to God that he brought Scott and I to Houston and Community of Faith (COF for future reference). We are doing a marriage series now and we went to a parenting class last night and Scott won us gift cards for a night out for just the two of us! GO HUNNY!!!

There are sooo many other things going on but I will have to go into those at another time!! I am getting the house ready for Alex's birthday party tomorrow. We decided to plan it on Halloween for fun since it is so close to that date and originally Alex was due on Halloween! We have a good guest list coming and it will be the 1st REAL party he has had where his little friends from school and church are able to come!! We have some very special people coming too so he should be excited!!

Well off for now!! I hope you enjoy the blog and more pics will follow when I have some free time!! Love everyone and we miss you!! Glad to be back in the land of the bloggers!!!

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Suesan said...

Keep it up! Keep going!!