Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey everybody!!!

I am finally back to the blogger world!!! I dont know how many people read this but I am sure you have probably thought I fell off the face of the earth!! Just been a crazy busy spring and now summer is upon us!! Had so many things going on with kids and Scott in school and the usual running around with Alex and babysitting and the list goes on!!!

Going to try to make more of an effort to keep up with the blog because it is a fun way to keep up with everyone and look back on later to see how times flies by!!
The kids are out on summer break...Driving me crazy but what is new!!! Scott is still plugging away at school but has a new position at work that keeps him traveling just about every week! That has been hard to get used to but it keeps me able to be a stay at home mom like I have always wanted to be!

I got over my health issues from January but am having some issues with sinus/headache and not sure what is causing it but keep me in your prayers for answers!!

I will be posting more pics that we have taken over the last few months as I get back into keeping up with the blog!!

SIDE NOTE!!! During my absence, my 3yr old is completely potty trained!!! NO MORE PULL UPS!!! WOOHOO!!!

Hope you all are doing great...Feel free to leave comments!!! Love you guys!!

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Taylor said...

way to go alex!!!!!!!!

Good to see ya bloggin again! :)