Saturday, January 10, 2009


Hey everyone!!! Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone had an awesome holiday season! One of my resolutions was to update the blog more but I have failed at that one!!! Oh Well !!! No time like the present. We had a great Christmas here in Katy but missed our families in OK and AR greatly!!! The kids racked up as usual and Alex really got into Christmas this year!! He loved that Santa ate the cookies and drank the milk we left and that he left him really cool presents!!! The kids really enjoyed it just being us at home instead of traveling so that will be our new tradition until the kids are older and have their own families!!! Austan just turned 11 on Jan 6 and my wonderful hunny is having a bday this week too!! Alex thinks everyday is his bday but at 3yrs old I probably did too!! I will have some pics uploaded hopefully soon!! I am trying to do a thing I saw on another blog I read about taking pictures everyday of the year to capture special moments no matter the importance...I have done ok with that one but it is still early!!!

Also, there are two blinkies on my page talking about scripture challenges...Here is the link to the blog that is doing this but it is a great way to get into God's word more and scrapbook at the same time!! The site is This link takes you to the page with the explanation of the project challenge!

Well I am off to bed! It is late and I am pooped!! See ya again soon!!!

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