Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Card Carousel and our card!!

Hi all !!! Hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas season so far!! I am almost done with my things which is why I have not blogged in awhile ! I will be adding some new blogs tomorrow hopefully (if time permits!) and catch up on the last month or so!

I having been reading a blog written by a relative of a girl I know in high school. She was the one who was doing a giveaway on my last post! She participates on another blog of one of her friends who does a thing called Christmas Card Carousel where you can link your blog to hers and you can see different people's cards. I dont know anyone on her list probably but it is fun for me to look at cards! That is my fave thing to do at Christmas is send out cards. I send out a ton and the post office loves me!!! So here goes...My card is posted above!!
One pic of of Scott and I when our church did a church wide vow renewal as part of a marriage series a month or so ago! We are more dressed up than at our own wedding!! The one of Alex by himself is the night Scott made fudge and Alex ( a choco-holic like his mommy) had to help Daddy cook!! But he looks like he got into something!! And the other is our family pic in front of one of the Christmas trees at our AWESOME church, Community of Faith in Cypress, Texas....And dont you love how Alex was playing with his toes!! He would not put his shoes back on. But I read somewhere that those type of cards make the best ones anyway!!!
So go check out the site. I am going to try to post the link on my sidebar but if that does not work here is the blog link!!
I will be back tomorrow to update and load more pics!! Enjoy the holidays...Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!! Don't let those pushy people in the mall or at Walmart ruin your spirit!! Later!!!


Faith said...

What a cute card highlighting some great memories from your year. So glad you played along!

Merry Christmas to you!!

Jenna said...

I love ya'll's card!!! Merry Christmas!!

Kendra said...

What a fun card! Beautiful family!!
Merry Christmas!