Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Win a Free Handbag!!

I just entered to win a free handbag on a new site launching on my bday Oct15 called www.handbagplanet.com . You can register there and earn more entries for each friend you invite or link them to your facebook or myspace page or even a blog like I am doing!!! Good luck! They have really cool purses!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Since Hurricane Ike!!!

Hey all....So sorry I have not blogged in awhile. Things here are crazy as you can probably figure out since our 1st experience with a hurricane...And a not so very nice hurricane I might add (like any hurricane is nice!). We actually live in Northwest Houston/Harris County so we were blessed that the storm took a slightly eastward turn before it made landfall. We got several hours of high winds but not the hurricane force that accompany the eye. The initial path 24hrs prior to landfall would have brought the eye right over our area. We did not sustain much damage. There are some roof shingles missing and we have a leak that will be easily fixed but otherwise we did ok. Others were not so lucky. We had just been at Kemah Boardwalk 2 weeks before Ike hit that area. Now to see it is really sad. Destruction is everywhere and Galveston no longer looks the same to me. We only lost power from about 3am that Sat morning and had power back on that evening around 9pm. There are still about 30% of customers without power in the Houston area. Scott has not been back in to his office since the Friday before because his business has still not had power restored. The kids missed 7 full days of school and thank goodness they have gone back!!! My house has been crazy!! Our church had services that Sunday morning with no electricity but it was really cool. About 1000 people ended up coming to church and praising God because we survived the storm. We went tonight and bought groceries since the stores are starting to get fully stocked slowly but surely and we spent way too much. Gas lines and grocery store lines are starting to get better as more places get the power back on. Traffic is the biggest headache because not all lights are back up and running. And in a city of approximately 4million, that is not a good thing!! Well I am ready to head to bed!! Will write more soon!