Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Card Carousel and our card!!

Hi all !!! Hope everyone is having an awesome Christmas season so far!! I am almost done with my things which is why I have not blogged in awhile ! I will be adding some new blogs tomorrow hopefully (if time permits!) and catch up on the last month or so!

I having been reading a blog written by a relative of a girl I know in high school. She was the one who was doing a giveaway on my last post! She participates on another blog of one of her friends who does a thing called Christmas Card Carousel where you can link your blog to hers and you can see different people's cards. I dont know anyone on her list probably but it is fun for me to look at cards! That is my fave thing to do at Christmas is send out cards. I send out a ton and the post office loves me!!! So here goes...My card is posted above!!
One pic of of Scott and I when our church did a church wide vow renewal as part of a marriage series a month or so ago! We are more dressed up than at our own wedding!! The one of Alex by himself is the night Scott made fudge and Alex ( a choco-holic like his mommy) had to help Daddy cook!! But he looks like he got into something!! And the other is our family pic in front of one of the Christmas trees at our AWESOME church, Community of Faith in Cypress, Texas....And dont you love how Alex was playing with his toes!! He would not put his shoes back on. But I read somewhere that those type of cards make the best ones anyway!!!
So go check out the site. I am going to try to post the link on my sidebar but if that does not work here is the blog link!!
I will be back tomorrow to update and load more pics!! Enjoy the holidays...Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!! Don't let those pushy people in the mall or at Walmart ruin your spirit!! Later!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

AWESOME Christmas Giveaway!!

Hey everyone!! I saw an invitation on my facebook page from a friend about a great giveaway on a relative's blog page.... I have registered and you should too!! The link is The prize is an awesome gift basket filled with Christmas goodies!! Good luck to everyone!! Have a Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally time to update!!

He likes to pose in his pics!!!

Riley Kate is not sure about him!

Alex's Halloween Costume!

Fun day @ the Airshow!!!!!!!

Alex's new bicycle for his bday!

I know, I know....I have not updated the blog in awhile but for those of you who have Facebook, I have updated plenty of photos and stuff on there! Seems like everyone I know is getting into FB...I have reconnected with tons of friends from high school (really cool since our 20yr reunion is coming up in July 2009) and friends from work and other areas of my past and present! The month of October is always crazy for us and this one was no exception. Alex and I both celebrated birthdays (his 3rd and my 29th....again!!! LOL) He got a new bike which he is really proud of. Church keeps us busy and then the normal stuff with school and homework. I still do not believe that I have a teenager, a 10yr old and a 3yr old....Alex seems like such a grown up. The above pics were taken over the last month or so! I hope everyone is having a great fall season so far. Turkey Day and Christmas are just around the corner!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall is here!!

Well I think fall is almost here...The weather keeps teasing us in Houston. One day it is really nice and comfy outside where you can have the windows open and help the outrageous summer electric bills to start going down. And then the next day, the temps are in the 90s with humidity off the charts!!! I love fall though!! I love the prettiness of the leaves changing and coolness of the nights. The cool where you can sit next to your huney on the couch with a throw blanket and snuggle but it is not cold enough yet to have a fire or turn on the heat!! Soup and stews are best in the fall too!!! And for my own selfish reasons, I have a birthday in about a week!!! Hallmark makes alot of money off of me this month!! About half the people I know have birthdays in October so I do alot of mailing of birthday cards!!! Plus my son Alex will be 3yrs old on Oct. 20. I still can not believe I have a 3yr old little boy and 2 stepkids. I am thankful to God for allowing me to be a mom with each year that passes and hope that it just keeps getting better from here!! Enjoy the fall no matter where you are!!!! Take time to stop and smell the wood and leaves burning!! You will appreciate all you have so much more!!!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Win a Free Handbag!!

I just entered to win a free handbag on a new site launching on my bday Oct15 called . You can register there and earn more entries for each friend you invite or link them to your facebook or myspace page or even a blog like I am doing!!! Good luck! They have really cool purses!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Since Hurricane Ike!!!

Hey all....So sorry I have not blogged in awhile. Things here are crazy as you can probably figure out since our 1st experience with a hurricane...And a not so very nice hurricane I might add (like any hurricane is nice!). We actually live in Northwest Houston/Harris County so we were blessed that the storm took a slightly eastward turn before it made landfall. We got several hours of high winds but not the hurricane force that accompany the eye. The initial path 24hrs prior to landfall would have brought the eye right over our area. We did not sustain much damage. There are some roof shingles missing and we have a leak that will be easily fixed but otherwise we did ok. Others were not so lucky. We had just been at Kemah Boardwalk 2 weeks before Ike hit that area. Now to see it is really sad. Destruction is everywhere and Galveston no longer looks the same to me. We only lost power from about 3am that Sat morning and had power back on that evening around 9pm. There are still about 30% of customers without power in the Houston area. Scott has not been back in to his office since the Friday before because his business has still not had power restored. The kids missed 7 full days of school and thank goodness they have gone back!!! My house has been crazy!! Our church had services that Sunday morning with no electricity but it was really cool. About 1000 people ended up coming to church and praising God because we survived the storm. We went tonight and bought groceries since the stores are starting to get fully stocked slowly but surely and we spent way too much. Gas lines and grocery store lines are starting to get better as more places get the power back on. Traffic is the biggest headache because not all lights are back up and running. And in a city of approximately 4million, that is not a good thing!! Well I am ready to head to bed!! Will write more soon!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Me time!!!

Let me tell you, I had forgotten what it was like for a house to be calm and quiet. When I was single, I went home to an empty house and always wanted it to be filled with kids playing and a husband watching football. Now I have the kids and husband and some days, I wish the quiet would come back because my house is anything but!!! This week I have a conference to attend for a few days so Scott took all 3 of the kiddos up to Oklahoma to visit the other sets of grandparents for the week. We are meeting up on Friday and spending the evening together with the kids before they start back to school and the hectic thing we call life in the Garrett house!! But it has been soooo nice to have no diapers to change or fights to break up between the kids. I do miss them but every once and awhile, women need a break to take care of ourselves and decompress even if it is just for 10 minutes!! I do thank God for the noise though because it reminds me that what I had always wanted before is what I have now with my little family and he made that all happen. Thank you God for all the blessings you have given me because I do not take the time I should to thank you for the noise!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Amazing how time slips away when you are not looking!

So sorry that I have not posted in several weeks. I really wanted to make sure to keep up with this blog but of course, in my house things are always crazy. Best laid plans, huh!!! I was just sitting here thinking today (I was sick so had plenty of time) that times really has a way of passing you by quickly. Before you realize it, 5 or 10 years have passed. The reason I started thinking about this is because my awesome dad passed away 8yrs ago today (8/14/00) and it seems like just yesterday. He was only 53 yrs old but was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 51. He put up a great fight but I think he knew Jesus had a better plan for him in Heaven than he had for himself here with us. Even with the beliefs and faith I have, I still really miss him. He never got to meet my nephew Braeden or see me get married or have my first child and have 2 stepkids too. I know he would be so proud of what my 3 sisters and I and our younger brother Gary have accomplished in life. He taught us well. I am often reminded that I am just like him in that I never meet a stranger. We all have parts of his personality that shine through on a daily basis. We also have each realized that we need each other now that we are adults and we get along pretty good for the most part. I miss being around my family but thankfully God put people in my life here in Katy, TX and at my church that I feel like this place is finally home. I know that God has my dad looking down on us like a guardian angel and that makes me so very happy. Make sure you tell your family you love them each day. You never know when it may be the last time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thanks MOM!!!

I just realized today that I don't thank my mom often enough for all the advice she has given me through my life and especially since I became a wife and mother 4yrs ago. She has been there every time I needed her and now I know what she meant when she would tell me growing up that one day my kids would do the same thing to me that I did to her. She was even here at the last minute when I gave birth to my son Alex. She knew I would not have called had I not needed her. I will be forever grateful for that time she spent here helping me with everything. So since I do not say it enough, I do thank you Mom for all you have done and still do for me everyday. Because of your example, I have become a better person and my kids have the best grandma!! We love you and miss you bunches!! See ya soon we hope!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fun Weekend!!!

Can I just say that Monday is not favorite day of the week??? However, I did have a good weekend! On Friday night, our friends Charm and Mark came over with their niece Lexi (Alex's girlfriend!) and had dinner with us. We always have a good time with them and consider them a part of our family. The kids had fun and the little ones played and played and even had Auntie Charm on the floor laughing her katooshi (her word!!) off!! She especially has been a lifesaver in our lives!! We also made a baby carriage out of fruit for our dear friend Suesan for her suprise baby shower on Saturday morning bright and early at 830a!! The shower was great fun and Suesan was suprised! GO DANIEL for not spilling the beans!!! Charm and I (under the threat of being hunted down! lol) went to have my foot x-rayed because I hit a toe on my left foot on my hardwood bed frame a week ago and it still hurts. Turns out it was broke so not much they could do but I did get good pain pills!! We also had Community Group and then came home and crashed. Sunday was the usual church, meeting after church for Heather's church camp trip. We brought Andrew (Daniel and Suesan's son oldest son) to play with Austan and we did swimming with them and Charm and Lexi. The little ones are turning into fish and it is so fun to watch. We finished the night with a cookout with Charm and family and Daniel and Suesan and family. It was too fun. We need to do it more often!! Well I am off for now but will hopefully post pics tomorrow if I have time!! Night!

Friday, July 18, 2008

So Here Goes!!

Hi all....I tried to do this blog thing once before and got sidetracked with life as we all do, especially with families and kids. But alot of my friends are doing it so I figured I could too. I also wanted a way to keep our families updated on the craziness that is our lives here in Katy, TX. We have been here almost 4yrs now and have finally started to feel like we are home! We have an awesome neighboorhood to live in and great neighbors!! We have also found a church home at Community of Faith in Cypress, TX. Scott and I are both very involved in various aspects of our church so we are there quite a bit. However, the friends we have made there have become our second family and we love them all. Our kids are in great schools and my husband Scott has an awesome job so I am able to stay home and watch my little boy Alex grow up which I have always wanted to do. I think this blog idea will be a great way to talk about whatever is going on and show off our family some!! Hope you enjoy reading it. I have to run to deal with the kids. Oh joy, summer break!!!! I will write more soon!! Keep watching!!!